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There is such a thing as ‘COVID-burnout’, and whilst we are still not out of the woods with the pandemic, I wanted to step away from the subject slightly and keep providing you with useful information.

So in this blog I am going to run through building strong relationships with your customers. I have touched on this when I wrote about building your brand, but I want to take a deeper dive into the gaining trust.

The Useful Cookie

For years, cookies have been the guide to helping marketers understand and reach consumers. However, times are changing and with many people choosing to opt-out, cookies are losing their usefulness. We need to investigate new ways to both identify consumers and measure the performance of our marketing campaigns.

Data Is Key

You probably know this already, but we are having to spend more time investing in first and second-party data to gain the insights that third-party cookies used to give us.

This means looking at innovative ways to gain data – such as partnering with content producers who have the consumer relationships there to begin with. People want control over which brands have access to their data, and for what purposes, so transparency is important.

Identifying Brand Messages

Aa marketers, we need to create interactions across multiple touchpoints with potential customers and reduce the reliance on cookies. By relying on some of the largest digital ad revenue leaders (Facebook and Google), we can use data they have gained from their consumers.

You may be thinking, but how did these big brands access the consumer data to begin with? By providing content and services consumers want, and rely on. In exchange, people are willing to provide personal information in order to receive relevant and targeted brand messages. The key here is to provide value.

Give your customers something they need, and in return they will give you information about themselves. For example, if you show your customers they will receive a ‘birthday discount’ if they add their date of birth to their profile, you are capturing their data in return for a reward.

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Give Consumers More Control

The most important thing you can provide as a business is a positive experience. By building up trust with your consumers, they are more likely to hand over identifiable data which you can then use for your marketing campaigns. Provide useful content to them in the form of blogs or email newsletters.

Developing trust is the best way to connect with customers in a cookieless world, and you will soon see your engagement rates improve too. Create a brand experience you would like to be part of yourself.