Content & Coronavirus- Be Different | PPP Marketing Ltd

It only takes a quick scroll through your social media feeds to be bombarded by Coronavirus content. In a very busy world it can be hard to make your message stand out. Most businesses feel compelled to respond to the crisis, and show they are doing all they can to protect their customers.

With volumes of data and articles circulating the web about COVID-19 it can be hard to differentiate your content from that of your competitors. I always stand by the phrase ‘content is king’, particularly when it comes to SEO, so let’s have a look at how to create content in this challenging time.

Solving problems

Content marketing is all about providing the answers to the questions of your customers. The current situation has forced us to quickly adapt our content in order to provide useful information that encourages engagement.

You should be spending additional time gathering feedback and analysing the engagement on your new content. Did one tone of voice work slightly better than another? Are your audience getting bored of seeing the word Coronavirus? Is your social media marketing actually effective?

Don’t focus on promotion

Whilst most businesses are really struggling with a drop in sales, don’t show this through your content. Rather than focusing on promoting your products or services, turn your attention to helping your customers. Deliver value without asking for anything in return. This will help to build your brand, and sales will start flowing in when things get moving again.

Don’t create content for the sake of it

Creating regular content is particularly important for SEO and to help with your overall marketing strategy. You should continue to publish your regularly scheduled content, but be mindful of the messages you are putting out there.

Use this gap to start planning a post-COVID19 content schedule. Think about where the market will be and the topics that will be important when the crisis slows. Being proactive is always better than being reactive.

Think about your customers

Focusing on your customers is key for creating engaging content at the moment. Put yourselves in their shoes – would the content you are creating help them? If the answer is yes, then carry on. If not, you are probably creating content for the sake of it.

Remember to look towards the future, plan content for post-COVID19 so that you are ready to release it when the time is right.