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COVID-19 is massively impacting businesses across the world, and many have decided to stop marketing altogether (which is the worst thing to be doing). As well as budgets being cut, many business owners are afraid of saying the wrong thing.

If your COVID-19 emails aren’t important you may find your message ignored in over-crowded inboxes. To help you navigate through these uncertain times, here are some ways to make your COVID-19 email marketing effective.

Are your products or services being impacted by COVID-19?

If the answer is yes, you need to tell your customers about it. Email marketing is a great way of sending important messages out, letting people know about the changes to your working hours, or if you are having to close your bricks-and-mortar store.

Other reasons why you might need to send a coronavirus-related email could be:

– You have customers who are likely to be more sensitive to the crisis (such as a therapist sending support to their clients).

– Your services have changed in some way.

– You are doing something to help your customers such as offering virtual services, extended your returns service etc.

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Create engaging campaigns

We have all received hundreds of COVID-19 emails by now, and most will have been deleted straight away. It is important to take every step possible to make sure your subscribers will engage with your emails.

Here are some tips on how to get your important messages across:

1. Only include content that is useful for your customers

Don’t just send an email out because your competitors are doing the same. Make sure you have something useful to say. Whether you send out tips on how to work from home, or information regarding your delivery service. Try to think of your customer first and your business second, then you will get your message across.

2. Make your emails easy to skim read

You may be tempted to send out long emails, particularly as people have more time to read them at the moment. However, you need to make sure that your key points stand out. Try using lots of space and large, bold titles to separate out your message.

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A great example from R&R Country

3. Ask your subscribers what they think

I have seen quite a few emails recently where brands are asking their subscribers what sort of content they would like to receive. This is an excellent opportunity to make your customers feel that they are in control, and gives you a chance to create really segmented subscriber lists too.

Check your scheduled campaigns

Just like with pre-scheduled social media posts, you should also take the time to review any email marketing campaigns that you planned in months ago. They may well not make sense in the current environment, and you could really upset your customers if you send out an insensitive message.

Remember that anxieties are much higher than normal due to the pandemic, and extra caution is required across all of your marketing channels.

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