Google Ads New Lead Form Extension | PPP Marketing Ltd

Staying up to date with the latest trends in the marketing world is essential if you want to create innovative campaigns that drive results. This week, Google has announced the introduction of a lead form ad extension to Google Ad accounts, so let’s run through what this means and how it can benefit your business.

How to implement it

At the moment, this lead form ad extension is in testing phase, and only BETA accounts are eligible at the moment. To find out whether you can access this new feature, simply open up a live campaign, click on the ‘Ads & extensions’ and you will see ‘lead form extension’, as shown below.

After selecting the campaign that you wish to use this new feature for, you will be able to choose a call-to-action, and enter the extension text (which has a 30 character limit).

Now onto the exciting bit – creating the lead form itself. Here you can add a headline, business name, and a description which can be up to 200 characters. You can also add a header image too, helping to make your form really stand out. This is a great place to put your company logo, for added brand awareness.

The information that you can collect from leads is limited to name, email, phone number and postcode. Remember to think about GDPR here – only collect the information that you really need. Not all of these details may be necessary for your business. Google also request that a link to your Privacy Policy is included, to aid with GDPR compliance.

Customising the submission form

Once you have the lead form ad extension all set up, you also have the opportunity to customise the submission form that leads will see. You can use this as an opportunity to encourage traffic back to your website. It is also a great way to let users know when they can expect a response from your business. Be sure to include a timescale here for them… good customer service never hurt anyone!

Why are lead form ad extensions a good thing?

Of course we are still in very early days since the introduction of these lead form ad extensions, and lots of testing will still need to be carried out (hence why it hasn’t been rolled out to all Google Ads accounts to begin with).

However, the main advantage is that users who fill in these forms are likely to be of a much higher quality, as they have taken the time to complete their details. It also removes the need for the user to make an extra click by being sent to a separate landing page to fill in the form.

However, it is worth noting that this feature was actually rolled out previously, around September 2018, so let’s hope some improvements have been made since then and it is here to stay this time!