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Whilst SEO is a fairly complex marketing tool, there are few things you can do to improve your Google search visibility. If you don’t know which elements help your website rank within the first page (or even second page) of the search engine results pages, your website may well end up towards the bottom of that list. For small local businesses, that can have a really negative impact as potential customers just won’t know that your business exists. Let’s have a look at some quick ways you can improve your search visibility.

The Makeup of Google Search

Before we dive into the actions that you need to take in order to improve your search engine rankings, it is important to understand how they work. When you perform a search on Google, you are likely to see the following within the search results:

  • A snippet at the top of the page
  • A title of the website
  • A description of the landing page
  • The URL of the website
  • Internal site links
  • Related searches

Snippets are a great way to have increased visibility on search engines. Unfortunately Google determines whether or not your website appears as a snippet. It all depends on how relevant your content is in relation to the search query (just like your normal search engine listing). The idea behind a snippet is to provide searchers with an at-a-glance look at the most relevant answer to their query. The information on the snippet should be extensive enough that the user doesn’t need to open up the website to find what they are looking for. Competition is tough for these top spots, so the best bit of advice is to keep the content on your website updated regularly, and keep this content relevant to your industry.

Understanding Recent Search Trends

It is always important to understand how people are carrying out searches online, and what they are looking for. The frequency of the search term ‘near me’ has risen by 40% in the last year or so, which is a great testament to people supporting local businesses. Local reviews on Google’s own business listings are a great way to determine whether your business fits someone’s search criteria.

Personalisation really comes into play within search engine results pages. The algorithm personalises searches for each searcher (which is why you may struggle to find your own website sometimes – Google knows that you visit the site regularly, so will try and provide other alternatives). What this does mean is that the results a customer sees could be very different from yours, even if they live in the same area as you and use exactly the same keywords.

The most important trends that you need to be aware of in the next year are:

  • The increasing popularity of ‘near me’ searches
  • Online reviews help your site rank among these ‘near me’ searches
  • Voice search has gone up, and will continue to do so
  • Personalisation is growing in importance

Using Local Marketing Tactics

Luckily, there are lots of different business tools at your disposal to help build up your search engine rankings. Here are a few of the best:

1. Local voice searches

Voice searches carried out by the likes of Alexa or Siri tend to have a few things in common. They often contain phrases, as opposed to single keywords, and they usually include a geographic element such as ‘near me’. Of course your main SEO strategy should be focused on short-tail keywords, but it may be time to consider adding some more conversational phrases within your content too. You need to consider how people may type a query into Google, and how this would differ from them asking a voice assistant.

2. Google My Business listing

Google My Business is vital for any business, whether you are selling products and services locally or nationally. Within the listing you are able to include the service areas you work in, as well as making the content keyword rich too. You can add cities, towns and other geographical local information to help your business stand out from the crowd.

3. Google Ads

If you have some marketing budget to spend, Google Ads can boost your chances of having your business appear in that top spot on local search results. If you are in a particularly competitive niche, running a paid marketing campaign could give you that edge over your competitors. You can even include reviews and ratings within your Ads, to showcase how good your products or services are to potential customers.

We hope you have found this blog useful and will start implementing some of these tips to improve your Google search visibility. If you would like any help, or are looking to take your marketing that step further please contact us via email – lottie@pppmarketing.co.uk.