Optimising Your Instagram Account | PPP Marketing Ltd

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website, but it is important that you take the time to optimise your social media channels too.

Not only will it help to promote your account, but optimising your social media platforms can also help you to gain new followers and boost engagement rates. Instagram in particular ranks well-optimised pages higher, so it is important to include this channel within your SEO strategy.

Although SEO for Instagram may seem easy, there are several common mistakes that people make. Carry on reading to find out how to avoid these!

1. Your Instagram page is not uniform

If you are wanting to attract more people to your Instagram page, you need to make sure you are delivering content that is engaging, relevant and timely. Make sure you are using hashtags to engage with a larger audience too.

Consistency does take time, and if you are wanting to make a big impact, you need to spend time reviewing your grid layout, choosing how frequently you are going to post, and lots more. Take a look at Aldi’s Instagram account for grid layout envy!

2. You aren’t using relevant hashtags

Think of hashtags on Instagram as search queries on Google. You should be including hashtags that are both appropriate for your post, and your business.

People often go wrong with hashtags by including irrelevant ones. The best way to identify these posts on your Instagram is to look at any posts that have a very small number of impressions. This instantly signals that your content is not what people expect to see when they are searching for a particular hashtag.

A great tip if you are not sure on what hashtags to use, is to look at accounts uploading similar content to yourself. Be careful not to choose hashtags which are really popular though as your content will soon disappear in an ever-changing feed.

3. Your username is not searchable

Your Instagram username is actually a major keyword opportunity. It should give your audience an indication of the services or products that you offer. The best tip here is to use your brand name. Therefore when people are searching for your Instagram page you will be nice and easy to find.

4. You don’t use Alt Text on Instagram

Not many people know about the Alt Text feature on Instagram, but it is particularly useful for SEO purposes. To find this option, you need to be ready to post the caption for your new content, and before you press ‘Share’, scroll down to ‘Advanced Settings’ where there is an option to Write alt text at the bottom.

By adding a description of what your image shows, such as ‘digital marketing services’ this means that when someone is searching for this phrase on Instagram, your content will appear.

5. You don’t include keywords in your captions or bio

This is an essential part of your Instagram SEO strategy. Your Instagram bio is the key place where you can add keywords related to your business. Don’t be too spammy though, remember to keep the list relevant!

If you optimise your bio properly it will enable potential customers to follow you easily, as your page will appear among the top list of pages for their search.

Things to take away

Optimising your Instagram account for search engines isn’t as hard as optimising your website. Taking the time to work out what type of content you are going to post and when will help you create an engaging feed. Avoid these few mistakes that I have talked about above and you should be well on the way.

If you would like any further help on SEO or Social Media Marketing, please do get in touch.