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It’s only taken 4 months to write this, which to be completely frank is unacceptable! What with juggling a part time job, creating email marketing templates for clients, putting together some interesting copywriting pieces, delving into the world of Google algorithms with SEO campaigns, and the daily improvements to Google Ad campaigns, you could say things have been a little busy. Not that any of those things are excuses.

Why the radio silence?

After leaving my part time job (and security blanket!) two weeks ago, I thought right… lots more time to focus on practising what I preach and marketing my own business. Or not! All those empty gaps in my diary soon filled up and I have been busier than ever – definitely not complaining about that though!

So, I just wanted to check in really. To let you know I’m still alive and channeling the freelance life. Absolutely loving it by the way… anyone who is even thinking about starting up shop on their own (no matter what your skills or the industry), just do it. Of course it’s hard, but what in life that is worth having is ever easy? 

Business insight

Not only am I loving the client work and focusing on the digital marketing side of things (which was a given), but I am actually loving learning the ‘ins and outs’ of business. I just feel like I am absorbing information left, right and centre everywhere I go! That leads me nicely onto the next point… networking. I can’t tell you how imperative it is to get out there and meet people. For a shy newbie to the freelance world like me it is hard, but it’s a bit like running. You never regret any run that you went on. Yes you may dread the build up to it, but you never finish thinking ‘I wish I hadn’t done that’. (Note to self, must dig those trainers out again soon).

So I hope to get out there and meet lots of new faces over the coming months, and I promise to bring you a slightly more valuable blog next time that will actually benefit your business. The first one had to be slightly casual though, right?!

Over and out,