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With the Google algorithms continually changing, it is important to stay updated with the latest trends to keep your website ranking well.

The end of 2019 saw the introduction of the BERT algorithm, which was heavily focused on understanding language. By understanding the context of the words in your search, Google is now able to provide much more relevant results.

But that was 2019, what does Google have in store for us for 2020? Read on to find out more about the top SEO factors for 2020.

Page load time

A website that takes too long to load (i.e. more than 3 seconds) can seriously harm the levels of traffic to your website. Visitors will leave immediately, and go to the next link on the search engine results page, which is likely to be one of your competitors.

So how can you improve your page load time? There are 2 key ways:

1. Look at where your website is hosted. If you are using a shared hosting platform at the moment, consider migrating over to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). This will mean that traffic reaching other websites won’t affect the speed of yours. No more shared resources.

2.You should also consider implementing a caching system. Caching is where data is temporarily stored in order to retrieve faster results. So by having this data to hand, search queries are returned a lot faster. There are some great WordPress plugins that can sort out caching for you, so it is nice and quick to fix.

Look at Search Console

Google’s Search Console is a very useful SEO tool, one that is easily forgotten about. However, it can provide excellent data regarding the search terms people are using to find your website, whether they are clicking through from search engines, any major errors on your website, and so much more.

Search Console had an update last year, so it is now even better than ever. Don’t forget to include it within your SEO strategy. There have been an increasing number of issues this year already with page indexing, so be sure to check your Status > Excluded tab section.

User first content

Creating content for specific keywords is losing importance when it comes to optimising your website for search engines. Try to think about the content that your website visitors may be interested in, and write around those subject areas.

As the Google algorithms are becoming more advanced and are using machine learning, they are interpreting the queries and searches to provide more context-specific results, as opposed to keyword-rich content.

User First Content - Copywriting | PPP Marketing

Times are changing for SEO

As you are probably aware, there is no single way in which you can improve your website’s SEO. An aggregation of factors influence the Google algorithms, and having a well-performing website is a good starting point.

Remember that SEO takes time too, it isn’t a quick fix. Keep creating user-focused content to help slowly draw more visitors to your website. Contact me today if you need any help with this.