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Are you stuck in limbo with your website? Even a flash looking website can put people off if the content doesn’t read well. If your website is not getting you the results you need, now may be the time to refresh your website copy. Copywriting is an art, and a website with poor copy will devalue it, no matter how nice the design features are. Some of the most obvious signs your website isn’t performing well include not receiving leads, or very high bounce rates. Let’s have a quick look at the top 5 signs that you need to do something about your website copy.

Keyword trends have changed

For anyone wanting their website to rank highly, monitoring keyword trends and updating content should form part of their marketing strategy. If you haven’t updated your website copy in a few years, there is a good chance that some of the keywords you originally included no longer have high search intent.

Keyword trends are constantly changing, and your website copy needs to adapt in order to reflect this. Now this doesn’t mean you have to update it weekly, but think about giving it a refresh once in a while.

Customer pain points have changed

One of the most important things about marketing your product or service is that you should be focusing on providing a solution to a problem. Keep this in mind when writing your website copy, and think about how you can word your content in such a way. You need to be selling your understanding of the problem, rather than selling your product or service directly. The better you can demonstrate empathy to your customers, the more chance you will have of winning them over.

Customer Pain Points | PPP Marketing Ltd

Your competitors have the upper hand

One of the best ways to know if your website copy is outdated is to do a direct comparison with your competitors. Does their content make their brand seem more credible and trustworthy? Do they go into further detail about their service offerings?

The hardest thing here is to be critical of your own content. Try and look at it from your customer’s point of view; would you choose to buy your competitor’s product or service over your own? Think about what in particular about their content makes you come to that conclusion.

Your brand voice needs changing

With everything that has gone on this year, brands have had to quickly change their tone of voice on social media in order to come across in the right way to their customers. Brands evolve, whether that be through a rebrand, a change in target audience, or even different business goals.

Remember that brand voices do have a shelf life, and yours is going to get to a point where it is outdated and no longer resonates with the audience you are wanting to attract. You should know exactly who your current customers are, and gather data on how they interact with brands. This will help you to lay the foundations for the right tone of voice to attract them to your brand.

Brand Voice | PPP Marketing Ltd

The solutions you provide have evolved

Have you recently launched a new product or service, and been so wrapped up with the launch that you have completely forgotten to update your website content? It is easily done, but at the end of the day if your potential customers don’t know you are offering it, they can’t purchase the new solution.

Another way to look at this is to understand the needs of your customers. Are you finding that your customers keep asking you if you know someone who can offer a particular service that you can’t provide? Is this something that you could bring in-house yourself? Now may well be the time to expand upon your offerings. As you work to meet your customer’s evolving needs, updating your website copy to reflect this should be done immediately.

We can help you

One thing to remember when it comes to website copy is that your website is the digital nucleus of your business. It needs to reflect the products or services that you offer in the best possible way. You may think that writing your own website copy is easy enough, but will it be long enough? Will it be search engine optimised?

You want copy that is going to wow your customers as soon as they arrive on your website, and we are specialist copywriters who are experienced in this field. Most business owners don’t have the time to dedicate hours to rewriting their website content, it is always something that gets put on the backburner. Let us take away the hassle from you, contact us today to see how we can help revamp your website copy.